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This giant crochet acrylic cat bed is a hit with felines! The circular shape with low sides is perfect for curling up in. Giant crochet using your fingers or with optional giant crochet hook 25mm. Choose from a large selection of beautiful colours from Woolly Mahoosive's giant unspun acrylic "Mammoth" yarn to match your decor or complement your cat's colours! Follow along with the pattern provided or log into the Cloud Nine Knits website with details provided to watch a special video tutorial.


Choose from the following sizes:

Standard - Makes a 35-40cm diameter bed - suitable for cats up to 4Kg

XL - Makes a 45-50cm diameter bed for cats weighing 4Kg+


What's in the kit:

- 1kg of Mammoth giant acrylic yarn (Standard size) 1.4Kg Mammoth giant acrylic yarn (XL Size)

- Cloud Nine Knits Signature Cat Bed Pattern

- Care Instructions

- 25mm Wooden Crochet Hook (if you'd prefer to use this instead of your fingers) (Optional)


Difficulty: Finger crochet is suitable for a beginner, but there are some fiddly bits.


Time to complete: Between 40-90minutes depending on how nifty your fingers are!


The finished product can be machine washed.


A Note About Packaging:

If you just want to get crafting and you're not worried about a fancy box and tissue paper or prefer having less packaging to recycle, then choose "No Frills" packaging. You will receive all materials and Instruction/Information leaflet wrapped in recycled brown cardboard box.


If you like the process of unwrapping your kit or plan to give as a gift, then choose "Gift Worthy". Your kit will arrive in a  branded Brown Kraft box, and the materials will be nestled in tissue paper.

Giant Crochet Cat Bed DIY Kit

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