The Big Softie

Giant Yarn Kit Subscription
3 Months*

We've brought together our three bestselling giant yarn kits to delight both beginners and longtime crafters with the joy of extreme knitting and crochet. 


Learn how to work with Giant Unspun Vegan-Friendly Acrylic Mammoth Yarn and Ultra Chunky Acrylic Twisty Twisty Yarn by Woolly Mahoosive to achieve striking and trendy results, with not a knitting needle or crochet hook in sight!

Choose from 17 beautiful colours and mix and match with different pom pom colours!


All projects are made simply with your hands and come with a step-by-step video tutorial.

*All subscriptions begin in the month following

the month of purchase. 



If you'd like to gift your subscription to someone, just give us the recipient's details at checkout. There is an optional Gift card available that can be sent to you to hand over in person, or directly to the gift recipient.

All subscriptions begin in the month following the month of purchase. 

Giant Knitted

Lap Blanket Kit

with Pom Poms.

Blanket Size: Approx 70cm x 70cm


Month One

Giant Crochet Star Ornament Kit

Star Size: 49cm across widest part.


Month Two

Giant Knit

Accent Cushion Kit

Cushion Size: Approx 35cm diameter.


Month Three

Lap Blanket and Cushion Colours


Crochet Star Colours